Table of Contents

The Study of History and the Rise of Civilization
Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations
Early Civilizations
Ancient Egypt
Early Chinese Dynasties
Early Civilizations in the Indian Subcontinent
Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic World
The Roman World
The Byzantine Empire
The Rise and Spread of Islam
The Middle Ages in Europe
The Development of Russia
The Mongol Empire
Chinese Dynasties
African Civilizations
Civilizations in the Americas
The Renaissance
The Rise of Nation-States
The Age of Enlightenment
The Protestant Reformation
Enlightened Despots
The French Revolution
Post-Napoleonic Europe
The Industrial Revolution
Change in the Americas
European Imperialism in East Asia
The Scramble for Africa
World War I
The Interwar Period
World War II
The Cold War
Post-Colonial Africa
The Middle East after the Ottoman Empire
East Asia after World War II
South America and Latin America in the Cold War
The Long Decade (1989-2001)
The 21st Century