Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Time and Stress Management

1.1: Understanding Time Management: Everyone Has a 24-hour Day

1.2: Why Goal Setting is Important

1.3: Tracking Your Time Without Making it a Chor

1.4: Find Your Personal To-do List

Unit 2: Identifying Stressors and Distractors

2.1: Decide What is Important and How Important it Is

2.2: Find Your Stressors and Respond to Them

2.3: Find Your Attention Span and Use it to Your Advantage

2.4: Discover the Truth About Multitasking

Unit 3: Overcoming Stressors and Distractors

3.1: Coping with Stress

3.2: Eliminating Distractions

3.3: When it is All Too Much