Table of Contents

Simple Rhythm Activities
Meter in Music
Musical Meter Activities
A Tempo Activity
Dynamics and Accents in Music
A Musical Dynamics Activity
A Musical Accent Activity
Timbre: The Color of Music
Timbre Activities
A Melody Activity
The Shape of a Melody
Theme and Motif in Music
Harmony with Drones
Simple Chordal Harmony
Parallel Harmonies
Independent Harmonies
The Textures of Music
A Musical Textures Activity
An Introduction to Counterpoint
Counterpoint Activities: Listening and Discussion
Counterpoint Activities: Singing Rounds
Form in Music
Music Form Activities
Orchestral Instruments
What Kind of Music is That?
The Renassiance Period (1400-1600)
The Baroque Period (1600-1750)
The Classic Period (1750-1820)
The Romantic Period (1820-1900)
The Twentieth Century And Early Twenty-First Century