Table of Contents

Course Introduction

Unit 1: Redefining What It Means To Write
Writing as Conversation
Writing as a Process
The PWR (Prewrite, Write, and Revise) Method
The Finishing Touches
Reading to Write: Reading and Writing as Complementary Activities
Grammar Capsule: The Anatomy of a Sentence

Unit 2: Academic Writing
What Is Academic Writing?
The Architecture of an Argument
Audience – the Other
Types of Support
Rogerian Argument and Anticipating Counterarguments
Rhetorical Strategies

Unit 3: Focus, Cohesion, and Style
Choppiness: How to Detect and Fix It
Wordiness: How to Detect and Fix It
Active versus Passive Voice
Word Choice
Grammar Capsule: Sentence-Level Sloppiness

Unit 4: Using The Work Of Others
How to Leverage the Work of Others
Methods for Using the Work of Others
Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

MLA Documentation