Table of Contents – Art History Class

Thinking and Talking About Art
Prehistoric Art
Art of the Ancient Near East
Ancient Egyptian Art
Art of the Aegean Civilizations
Ancient Greece
The Etruscans
The Romans
The Byzantines
Islamic Art
Art of South and Southeast Asia Before 1200 CE
Chinese and Korean Art Before 1279 CE
Japan Before 1333 CE
Native-American Art Before 1300 CE
Africa Before 1800 CE
Early Medieval Europe
Romanesque Art
Gothic Art
The Italian Renaissance
The Northern Renaissance
The Baroque Period
South and Southeast Asia After 1200 CE
China and Korea After 1279 CE
Japan After 1333 CE
The Americas After 1300 CE
Africa in the Modern Period
European and American Art in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Europe and America from 1900-1950 CE
Global Art Since 1950 CE