Course Syllabus

What you’ll learn

Week 1: Preparing for the job interview
How you should prepare for a job interview
Find out about companies
Overcome nerves
Decide which clothes to wear
Vocabulary to discuss your hard and soft skills
Answering questions using the STAR technique

Week 2: Answering job interview questions
Avoiding mistakes during the interview
Tips to help you answer questions effectively and confidently
Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication during interviews
The importance of intonation.

Week 3: Responding to challenging job interview questions
Answering those challenging interview questions
Being able to stand out during interviews
Providing diplomatic answers to questions you would prefer had not been asked and giving yourself time to come up with an answer
Stressing key words in your replies

Week 4: Closing the job interview effectively, post interview and online interviews
Considering the questions that you, the interviewee should ask, or not ask
Deciding what you should do, or not do at the end of the interview, and after the interview
Discovering how online interviews are similar to and different from face to face interviews