Course Syllabus

What you’ll learn

Listing the services involved with the Android Application Architecture (ex. Activity Manager, Views, Notification Manager, Content Providers, Resources Manager,etc.);
Identifying different techniques to plan, design and prototype your mobile apps before writing any code;
Applying material design principles to build compelling, beautiful interfaces for your Android apps;
Building layouts using XML and using Java code.
Using various views (e.g., buttons, text boxes and check boxes) and implement menu-based, drawer navigation or interface layouts.
Implement menu­ based or drawer navigation. Constructing options menus for action bar navigation.
Determining appropriate use cases for local persisted data, and designing solutions to implement data storage using files, preferences, and databases;
Creating applications using the new version of Firebase;
Understanding the use of Model-View-Presenter (MVP);
Evidencing integrated knowledge with third-party API (Twitter,Facebook);
Understanding how to include features that expand the application’s audience through localization;
Writing and executing automated instrumentation tests on an Android device;
Creating code to display Banner and Interstitial ads in an app;
Publishing your application.