Wind Energy – From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

In this  course you will learn about wind energy, from the different types of modern wind turbines and their use around the world, to the integration of wind-generated electricity into the main electrical grid system. The course begins by teaching you about the types of turbines that are commonly used, as well as some less commonly used turbines. You will gain an understanding of the way that turbines function, how much of the wind’s power can be harnessed and how it can generate electricity. The course will introduce you to the physical basics of wind turbine construction and functions.

Next, the course describes the methods of grid integration of wind power plants into the main electrical grid system. You will learn about the cost of integration as well as the impact that integration has on current generators. Finally, the course discusses the future of wind energy production and improvements that can be made upon current wind turbine technology.

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