Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Learn in a step-by-step manner the concept of wide area network and networking services by studying the course Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security. The course begins by introducing you to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is a client/server protocol that enables configured client computers to obtain IP addresses automatically. You will learn how IP addresses are leased to client computers and the role of DORA (Discovery, Offer, Request, Acknowledge) and APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing).

This course will be of interest to all learners who would like to learn more about computer networking, in particular the structure and function of wide area networks and networking services and security. It will also be of great interest to all learners who are considering computer networking as a career or who are considering doing professional computer networking exams.

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