What Is Sociology

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 10-15 hours

The course begins with an explanation of what sociology is and gives an overview of the three main theories in sociology. You will learn how culture is defined, what differentiates one culture from another and what is common to all cultures. You will then be introduced to inequalities in society and how these inequalities have come to cause social stratification in countries across the world.

Next, you will explore sociological factors that affect race, ethnicity and minorities as well as gender and gender identity, and the range of prejudices and discrimination that occur in these areas and why they persist. You will learn how sociology defines family, the variation in family structures and you will explore the social impact of changing family structures. The course then reviews the role of religion in society and how it has brought about social change. The world of work and the economy are explored with a focus on capitalism and socialism, both in theory and practice. You will get an understanding of how society changes through social movements and how sociology defines deviance or non-conformity.

You will explore how new technologies impact society globally, particularly the divide between those who have early access to new technology and those who don’t. You will look at the changing role of the elderly in society and the impact it has on their lives. You will also learn about crowds and collective behavior along with the emerging norms in a society. Finally, you will look at how sociological research is carried out using different research methods and techniques.

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