Transact-SQL – Programming Techniques and Error Handling

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

This course will introduce you to the many different options you have for queries and subqueries. You will learn to modify your data and use program within your queries. You will learn about the process of handling, raising and catching errors. The course begins by introducing you to Subqueries, what they are and their function. You will learn to apply operators within your queries and presenting data with views and temporary table. You will also learn about table valued functions, derived tables, how to pivot data and unpivot the pivoted data. This course also teaches about grouping sets subclause of the group by clause.

Next, you will learn about modifying your data with the insert and update functions. You will learn about deleting data from your table, batches, comments and declaring variables for your queries. You will also learn about creating conditional branching and looping within your queries. In the end, you will be introduced to the elements of database engine errors. You will learn about raising and handling errors. This course also teaches you to try catch block and use transactions in your queries.

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