Sociology Studies – Social Inequality

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 3-4 hours

This is the second in a series of courses that gives the leaner an understanding of inequality in society and how many of these inequalities have come about. The course begins by using the United States as a case study where learners will explore open and closed stratification systems including caste and class systems along with the idea of an ideal system based on merit. You will then look at social stratification globally, looking first at how countries are classified and the cyclical nature of poverty and how this affects the poorest countries.

Next, you will explore race, ethnicity and minorities, the prejudices and discrimination that occur and why they persist in a society. You will also learn about gender, gender identity and gender roles and why these are commonly associated with inequality due to historically strong cultural norms. Finally, you will learn about education, how prejudices often persist at an institutional level, and how this impacts on the individual throughout their life.

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