Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

Learn about the key techniques for integrating social media platforms into your e-commerce website to drive customer awareness of your brand and increase sales. This course begins by describing the need for a dynamic web presence. You will learn about the different elements of a dynamic website and the different steps of research and planning for a dynamic website. You will be introduced to the different areas to consider when creating a website and learn how to identify key interactive elements that can be added to a website.

Next you will learn about the key concepts relevant to social media and the considerations that need to be made for engaging with social media. You will learn about the different types of social media and their benefits and the different ways for preparing and sharing social media content. You will learn how to meaningfully measure social media engagement using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube and their useful features.

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Course Content