Media Studies

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 10-15 hours

This course introduces you to the theories of modern media studies. This course begins by introducing you to the evolution of both media and culture over time, before examining mass media and popular culture. You will look at the development of convergence and established cultural values. You will also gain insight into researching media, and examine some controversies surrounding the field. The course then introduces you to print media such as books, newspapers and magazines. You will learn about the historical origins of each of these, and how they have evolved over the last century. You will also examine the impact which books, newspapers and magazines have had upon culture, the trends and the issues which affect these media types.

You will look at different music genres, the impact each genre of music has had on culture, trends in the music industry, and the impact which technology has had upon the music industry. You will be introduced to the radio industry and how broadcast radio has evolved and is adapting to technological advances. You will also look at the impact which movies have had upon culture throughout their history. This course will also teach you to examine some of the issues and trends which have been prevalent in the movie industry.

Finally, you will look at electronic games, the Internet, and social media. The historical origins of each will be discussed, and the controversial issues which surround some of their content. You will look at the blurring of the boundaries between games and other types of media. You will look at the evolution of the Internet and gain insight into social media and Web 2.0, and the impact of globalization on culture and communication.

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