Introduction to R for Data Science

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

Learn about the R programming language for data statistical computing. You will learn about the different types of R, and how to set up and installing the R language. The course begins by introducing you to R programming, what it is used for and a little of its history. You will learn how to install and setup RStudio and MS R Open for programming R yourself. You will learn about the data structures and types in the R language and how they work.

Next, you will be introduced to Enzo Unified which is a service platform for making data access easier. You will learn about running Enzo unified inside SQL management studio. The course shows you the adaptors or abstracted APIs that can be added to or already is part of Enzo Unified. You will learn about accessing tweets from twitter and posting them, and about sending text messages to your phone.

Prerequisites: The learner will need some knowledge of programming languages and an understanding of using SQL Server management studio.

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