Introduction to Marketing Management

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

Learn about the marketing process and how organizations conduct marketing. Effective marketing is essential in order for a business to be successful so it is important to have knowledge in the area. The course begins by introducing you to the process of marketing. You will learn how the marketing process operates. You will be introduced to core marketing concepts that are important to know before conducting any marketing. You will also learn about real-world examples where different companies have either failed or succeeded in their marketing strategy.

Next, you will learn about how services are marketed. You will learn how the marketing of services is different to the marketing of goods. You will learn how marketing theory has changed over the years and what marketing theory is prevalent today. Finally, you will learn about the limitations that can exist with marketing theory. You will also learn about criticisms that have been made about marketing theory. This will give you a broad view of the advantages and disadvantages of marketing.

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