Introduction to Excel 2013 Power Business Intelligence

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 3-4 hours

Introduction to Excel 2013 Power BI will teach you about the Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools you can add to Excel 2013. You will learn about using power query to import data from the Internet, and add that data to your Excel worksheet. This course also teaches you to display your data with Power Views and Power Maps. The course begins by introducing you to the Power BI tools and setting them up in Microsoft Excel 2013.

You will learn about the different visualizations you can use to display your data in power view and interacting with reports in power view to get them to display different data. You will also learn about tiling a card report so it won’t affect your other reports in the same power view, and how to add a simple map to display in your power view. Finally, this course will teach you to create power maps and about data you need to modify in your data model to activate it. You will learn that power maps uses Bing maps and you will need geographical information in your data model for power maps to work properly.

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