Introduction to Bots

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

Gain a better understanding of the concept of bots and their uses in business. The course will also look at the different types of bots which can be implemented, and the tools that are available to help build them. First, you will be introduced to bots and the reasons for their rising popularity. You will learn how bots can enhance existing websites and apps, and the importance of bots to automating online messaging and conversation services. You will be introduced to the concepts of the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS. You will also be walked through the code necessary for the backend of the bots.

Finally, you will look at how to effectively create a bot through coding a conversation. You will study how to use the Microsoft Bot Framework, in particular you will look at how to label intents and entities in the Bot Framework. You will also examine the strengths and limitations of bots and their uses.

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