Introduction to Angular 2

Course Level 2: Intermediate

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

This course will introduce you to the latest version of AngularJS, which is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps, developed and maintained by Google. You will learn about the philosophies of using Angular for development, the new features in Angular 2, and about the core building blocks of an Angular application and how to combine those building blocks to create a web app. The course begins by introducing you to what client-side templating is, as well as what a single page application is. You will learn about the core philosophies of Angular and the main differences between Angular 1 and Angular 2. You will also learn about TypeScript and what it can offer your development environment.

Next, the course teaches you about the three types of directives in Angular 2, how to create them as well as what they are used for. The course reviews data flow, and you will learn about interpolation and event binding, including how to combine them for 2-way binding. The course also reviews what providers are used for, and how routing works in Angular to create single page applications. Last, you will learn how to combine all the features covered in the course to create a functional web application.

Prerequisites: You will need experience in website development and experience with JavsaScript. You will also need an understanding of the MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel)

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