HTML5 Game Development

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 10-15 hours

This course begins by introducing you to the Apache Cordova platform for building mobile applications. You will learn to create maps and images for maps. Next, you will learn to create and add an inventory system for the player character. You will also learn to create non-player characters (NPCs) and getting the player to interact with the NPCs. This course will also teach you to create shop menu for the player character to buy game items. It also teaches about using Enchants scene stack and to create battle system for player character to fight enemy NPCs.

You will learn to construct a proper plan for developing your game, and issues to be addressed during planning. You will learn about the proper documentation that game development companies implement as part of their projects. You will also learn about adding magic to game’s battle system, setting up a menu system, end game screen, and adding sound effects. The course also teaches you to build Azure website, create a server using Node.js, Express and Socket.IO to host multiplayer features for your game, and to connect players to the server. You will learn about further ideas to develop and expand the game.

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