HTML5 Game Development – Working with Inventory System, NPCs and Battle System

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

The course begins by teaching you about creating an inventory for your player character to use and display on-screen. It also teaches about loading in additional sprite sheets to your game, and about debugging your code in a web browser. Following that, this course teaches you about creating non-player character (NPC) objects for your player to interact with, and provide insights in getting NPC images out of your already loaded sprite sheets. This course also involves enchants scene stack for creating and displaying new scenes and you will learn about creating a shop for player characters to buy items in.

Finally, you will learn about setting up a battle scene including the win and lose conditions. You will also learn about creating an enemy NPC for your player character to fight against, creating attacks for both your player character and enemy NPC. It also includes finishing touches and ideas to expand the game.

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