How Commercial Banking Helps Technology Companies

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Silicon Valley, just outside San Francisco in the US, is known world-wide to inventors, entrepreneurs and investment bankers looking to make money on their technological products and investment services, and as a result has its own Silicon Valley commercial bank located there. In this course Ken Wilcox, CEO of Silicon Valley commercial bank, discusses how he took on the company and overturned its previous mistakes to make it the success it is today.

In this course Wilcox discusses key values adhered to like maintaining and nurturing culture and strategy, and investing in key people such as accountants, payroll staff and lawyers. We learn how a commercial bank works and also how it can fail. He then reviews how commercial banking can help a technology company start-up or grow such as supplying the core services and investment a new or growing company will need within an environment like Silicon Valley.

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