English Course – People, Past and Present

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

In this course you will study how to use the verb ‘be’ in the past and present tenses. You will use singular and plural forms by completing tasks. You will use negative forms and question forms with different persons. You will study the use of time words and phrases and you will learn how to write and pronounce years, months and dates. In addition you will learn how to tell stories about the past. You will learn about different rules for regular and irregular verbs. You will study question forms and practice how to form positive and negative sentences. You will complete tasks using contracted forms and infinitive verbs and you will learn how to use conjunctions to express reasons and results in the past.

Further in this course you will learn how to form phrases with verbs that describe things. You will learn vocabulary and grammar related to leisure activities. You will practice using adverbs in question sentences. You will learn how to improve your conversation skills by showing interest and listening to native speakers and you will be able to use past and present forms in conversations.

Finally in this course, you will study a story about a person’s life in the past and present. You will become familiar with using verbs in different forms. You will examine the grammar and vocabulary used to talk about a person’s life. You will study how to form question and answer sentences and commonly used phrases. You will complete practice exercises to help you learn.

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