Developing Business Ideas The Google Way

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Marissa Mayer has led product management efforts at Google as Google’s Vice President of Search Products & User Experience products. Her responsibilities cover such products as Google Search, Gmail, Google Chrome and Google Labs. She believes that ideas for new products can come from every employee and department within an organization, and also from end users of the product or service.

In this course, Marissa explains how Google’s open culture and flat management of the organization encourages creativity and brilliant ideas. She explains how Google sets asides 20 per cent of each employee’s time for creative projects and how this has proved to be a massive success. You will learn that Google do not make their product decisions on company politics but on data and facts. She explains how their focus on users and the software tools that keep users returning to Google has been at the center of their success.

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