Databases and T-SQL

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 6-10 hours

This course begins by introducing you to databases and the key components of a database structure – normalization and referential integrity. You will also learn about objects that make up your database and the datatypes that you can save data as. The course teaches you about the Data Definition Language and how to create, alter and delete databases.

You will be introduced to DML or Data Manipulation Language. This course teaches you about retrieving data from a database with the SELECT statement. You will learn to apply functions and clauses to your SELECT statement, and how to update and delete data in a database. Next, you will learn about T-SQL and using the SELECT statement to create queries. You will learn about the various data types, working with them and using NULL values in your database.

Finally, you will be introduced to subqueries and their function. You will learn to use apply operators, present your data with views, build temporary tables, and pivot your data. The course also includes methods for modifying and deleting data in database tables, as well as using batches, comments and declaring variables for your queries. You will learn how to create conditional branching and looping within your queries. Lastly, you will learn about errors in a database engine, and how to delete them.

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