Data Science – Visualizing Data and Exploring Models

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

In this course you will learn about applying visualizations to display your data and about feature engineering and constructing machine learning models. The course begins by introducing you to exploratory data analysis and data visualization. You will learn about the functions of exploratory data analysis and what factors can affect your views of data. You will learn about the different types of charts you can use to visualize your data, and also about the libraries and packages available for R and Python for visualizing your data.

Next, you will be introduced to building models, including feature engineering and constructing models. The course describes what feature engineering is and how to construct a machine learning model in R and Python. You will learn about evaluating your model, and how to evaluate a model in Azure ML, R and Python.

Prerequisites: To complete this course successfully you need a basic knowledge of mathematics, including linear algebra. Additionally, some programming experience, ideally in either R or Python, is assumed and you will need to have completed the previous courses ‘Introduction to Data Science’ and ‘Data Science – Working with Data’.

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