Data Analytics – Introduction to Machine Learning

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 2-3 hours

This course will teach you about machine learning methods that help automate the analysis of data. These computing methods help find hidden insights and information within the data without being explicitly programmed where or what to search for within the data. This course begins by introducing you to supervised and unsupervised learning. You will learn how to distinguish between each type of learning and how to use them to analyse data. You will also learn about linear regression and how it can be used. The course introduces concepts about regularization and how to avoid over-fitting by using regularization.

Next, you will learn about using Excel and Matlab to perform simple and multiple regression. You will learn about confidence levels and subset selections. You will learn how to distinguish between R² and adjustment R² and what they both measure. The course will finish by introducing what the K-NN approach is in data analytics and when this approach should be used.

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