Community and Institutional Pharmacy

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

There are different types of pharmacies with different roles and responsibilities. In this course, “Community and Institutional Pharmacy”, you will learn the difference between community pharmacies and institutional pharmacies and gain an insight into the workings of each pharmacy.

The first module of this course will teach you about community pharmacy. You will learn about the various types of prescriptions that are processed in a community pharmacy, such as e-prescriptions, and the advantages of electronic prescribing in modern-day community pharmacy practice. This module also teaches you the step-by-step procedures for processing both new and refill prescription orders and the options for lower prescription costs for uninsured patients.

The second module delves into institutional pharmacy and describes the classifications and functions of a hospital including the role of the director of pharmacy. This module explains the process of medication filling and dispensing in a hospital pharmacy, while also explaining the proper procedure for preparing, labeling, and repackaging medications. This module also explains the various forms of sterilization, steps to take to implement infection control, and lists examples of quality assurance programs in the hospital.

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