Building a Responsive User Interface with Bootstrap

Course Level 2: Intermediate

Estimated Study Time: 3-4 hours

This course introduces you to templates, scaffolding and other features you can use within Visual Studio to help build your website. The course begins by introducing you to Visual studio and ASP.NET integration. You will learn what a browser link is and how to use templates with generated code. The course teaches you how to scaffold a project and how you can use scaffolding to determine what the content of templates will be. You will also be introduced to useful support and extensions found in Visual Studio.

Next, the course shows you how functionality from JavaScript can be enabled by adding attributes and classes. You will learn about creating modal dialog boxes and alerts for your website. You will also learn about providing inline help and how to create tabs and scroll spy. Last, you will be introduced to real world considerations for your bootstrap application. You will learn about what you should think of before you start editing your bootstrap files. You will also learn about hosting your website, and about using a CDN or content delivery network and what it involves.

Prerequisites: You will need to have completed the course “Introduction to Responsive Design Using Bootstrap” and have knowledge of HTML, CSS and developing websites.

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