3D Printing with Windows 10

Course Level 1: Introductory

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

This course introduces you to the world of 3D printing and how it has developed to become an accessible tool for different users and developers. This course will teach you about 3D printing through the use of videos to help you gain a clearer insight into the practical side of how 3D printing works. The course begins by explaining the tools in Windows 10 that help the developer of 3D printing and how the 3MF consortium has helped to improve file formats that will be used in 3D printing. You will be informed on 3D print bureaus and their abilities as well as the variety of materials that can be used in 3D printing. You will learn about 3MF design considerations and also what the future holds for 3D design.

You will be given an insight into the difference between a 3MF file and an STL file and also the two classes of scenarios for adding 3D printing to any app. The course also shows you how the different features in a 3D builder operates. You will learn how to load, view, and repair objects in a 3D builder so that they are ready to print. The course will provide you with knowledge on what to do if an error message appears in your 3D printer and will also teach you about different modes in a 3D builder.

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